Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor created by John Barban is a diet and fitness program designed specifically for women.

If you don’t know John Barban, he is a personal trainer who has helped hundreds of women get into the best shape of their lives. The nutrition and exercise recommendations he has included in the guide are tailored to the female metabolism, hormone profile and body shape so as to provide the best results possible.

In creating this unique system, John Barban has devised a breakthrough approach for burning away body fat and adding muscle to all of the right places in the female body. The premise is that it takes more than losing weight to look your best; you must sculpt a body with the right balance and proportions.

What’s the Venus Factor All About?

At the center of the Venus Factor program is something known as “the Venus index”. Your Venus index is determined by taking your waist, hip, and height measurements into consideration to come up with the ideal set of measurements for your unique body. Ideally speaking, your waist should be equal to 38% of your height. Then you multiply your ideal waist size by 1.42 to determine your ideal hip measurements and 1.618 to determine your ideal shoulder measurement. From there you use your Venus index to determine where you need to go next to wind up with the shape you really want. A lot of women will indeed need to lose weight to be sure, but some very skinny women will need to gain it. Whatever your personal situation might be, the Venus Factor program helps you figure out how to eat and exercise to get where you need to be. That’s something I really liked about this

– the way you can tailor this one program to meet any set of unique needs.

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What’s Included in the Program?

The program in and of itself consists of a number of different components – all based on the concept of the Venus index. In addition to the main manual which helps you determine what your Venus index actually is, you also get:

The Body Centric Eating Guide

This is the part of the program that tells you how to eat to achieve your ideal shape according to the Venus index by calculating your caloric intake in proportion to your height, waist, and hip measurements. What this means is going to differ for each woman. Some will find themselves needing to reduce their calorie intake so they can lose weight, but other women may find that they’re instructed to gain weight instead.

The Venus Factor Workout Manual and Schedule

Naturally, any health and fitness program is going to come attached to a workout program of one type or another. The one included in the Venus Factor covers 12 weeks and 3 different phases (4 weeks long apiece). Each phase has a specific routine and plan to follow, complete with pictures, videos, and detailed explanations that help you make sure you’re doing everything correctly and getting the most possible benefit out of the exercises. Of course there’s a focus on regulating body fat, but the workouts also help you tone and sculpt your muscles as well, mostly through resistance training.

Community Membership

The Venus Factor also comes with access to a community of other women doing the same program. This is really awesome for people who like the convenience of a home workout, but also enjoy the social dynamic and moral support that come with a traditional gym environment or fitness classes.

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Venus Factor Pros:

– The workouts are all shown in video and pictures so it’s easy to understand and do all the workouts effectively.

– The program can work for any woman, at any fitness level. You just have to be in good health so that you can complete workouts.

– The program isn’t about pounds and weighing yourself. You are able to get into the most suitable shape for your body. You’re not competing with other people.

– You don’t have to calculate calories or to restrict yourself too much. You can enjoy your preferred foods, within reason, of course.

– No expensive fitness equipment required, all are home workouts.

– 60 days fully 100% money back guarantee.

– Unique scientific leptin hormone approach. Just understanding how to reduce leptin resistance to get started with metabolism and fat burning is truly worth gold.

– Helpful online Venus Immersion Community to guide you keep a clear head while you are being encouraged and supported.

– Flexible workout program. It can be implemented at home or at a gym.

– More than 130 online workout videos to clarify in great detail what words or pictures alone cannot.

– Decent nutritional plan with all the foods to avoid and to eat, including the secret leptin response herb.

– Instant download and accessibility, no shipping required.

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Venus Factor Cons:

– The nutrition element provides a lot of freedom, Maybe an excessive amount of freedom. Some women would have found a more structured diet plan helpful.

– If you need to reduce few pounds fast then this program is not for you.

– You have to stick to the plan, workout hard with 100% dedication.

– The program is dependent on “workouts”

– so in case you have any bone injury, this is not for you

– The program is created especially for women, it is not as effective for men.

– It is not a fast solution. It needs time and dedication. So if you are looking for a dramatic weight loss in 2 week time, it is not for you.


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Conclusion The Venus Factor will advise you the best way to take control of your leptin levels in order to allow it burn off your stubborn fat completely. Overall, for any woman who is looking for a technique for weight loss that is completely step-by-step outlined, Venus Factor is an extremely solid program. On top of that women wish to lose excess weight, they also would like to keep it off permanently. Venus Factor is not a “magical” pill or workout. It should take hard work and commitment to be applied, and in that situation, it does actually guarantee results!!